About Zippofippo

At first I was planning on a travel blog but then I decided to put anything that  I'm interested in. I want to show how I see the world and how I experience it. I decided to make a blog since I feel like using Facebook is quiet stuffy I don't like people just liking my post or photos without reading or even checking on them. Sometimes you like a post automatically without checking on it. And this would be like my online diary. Since then I always keep a diary, I just love writing my thoughts...am not a poet or something I just love writing and keeping track about things....

I like to travel, I'm close with my family, I like Korean pop,Japanese pop etc... I like music (any genre and language), I like going to concerts, I like movies, I like to watch TV series let it be Asian, British or English or Anime or Cartoons, I like to learn languages. I support Walk Free Organization and in my own way help spread the news and awareness about Modern Slavery. I love teddy bears. I like to observe people. I love spacing out and mindless walking and being weird...I love being ME ^^  So this blog would be about different things.

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