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Concert Scene

It's 2016 and its been a while for my blog entry, I got busy but mainly I don't have a 24 hour internet connection, so there's that and other unknown forces (hehe). I'm not sure what to put in this entry I'm thinking of some topics. There are so many but I don't know what to pick, so lemme blabber for a while while I'm thinking for a topic. I'm thinking of updating my entry for "An act of kindness" because I got the chance to met Lola Marcela again when I went home to the Philippines. It's really sad that she's still out there panhandling and I'm just this useless person as before. I can't do anything about it because honestly I don't know what to do and where to ask for help. Maybe I should write about our land trip from Davao to Leyte, that was a very tiring trip but at least I got to experience it or maybe its time for me to make an entry for one of my favorite thing in this world!!! and that is.... going to concerts! Okay then I'll settle for the concert topic I've always been thinking of an entry for it but there are other things that would always comes first.

     Honestly one of the reason why I'm here in Thailand is for the concert. Every month there are shows here may it be a world tour, promotion or meet and greet. The best thing about their concerts here? its the price, for 5000 bhat you can be at a VIP seat unlike in the Philippines the VIP seat cost 13,000 pesos or roughly 9500 baht. So far the most expensive ticket is 6000 baht and its still cheaper compare to other countries. I've been a Super Junior fan since 2010 and from then on I really want to watch their concert. It was so impossible back then but with determination and a lot of prayers I made it.


October-24-2012 (Bigbang Alive Tour)

      My first ever concert was in Manila it was Bigbang. It was their Alive Tour and believe me when I say, that moment I made the impossible possible. So lemme take you back to my journey on my first ever concert. Concerts in the Philippines are expensive and kind of difficult especially when your residence is on the other side of Manila. Our country is made of islands and Manila is very far from most of the islands. For me to watch a concert I need to ride on a plane, find a place to stay and the concert ticket (those three are pretty expensive) and money is not that easy, so its kind of a hopeless case for me. I was pretty determined to watch Bigbang because during that time I was loving their songs and for a fact that I missed Super Junior's (my first love) concert. I was so helpless and feeling down because I honestly don't know how to plan on watching a concert or what to do or how to make the impossible possible. Now for Bigbang's concert I said to myself "if other people can do it or can make it then I can make it happen". First step was I joined a Kpop group on facebook that is based on my city then I posted that I'm gonna watch Bigbang's concert and viola someone responded and he became my savior (hahaha). We exchange messages and he knows what to do so I follow his lead and I finally purchased my first ever concert ticket! I was planning on getting the 7000 ticket but it was sold out so we settled for the 3000 ticket and I got some spare money that I was able to treat my dear cousin for a concert ticket! she's a fan like me so it was our first ever concert and since then we've been watching concerts together. Going back, after the concert ticket we need to find a cheaper plane ticket to Manila and thanks again to my new found fan mate we were able to get somehow cheaper plane tickets and as he planned it we wont be getting any hotel because we will just stay in the airport and wait for our flight, its cheaper that way. My cousin was heading to Thailand the next day so it was me and my fan mate that went back to our city. Can I add that it was also my first ever plane ride, so it was a lot of first.

     The concert day came and we went on and it was also a goodbye for my cousin since she's going to Thailand for work. My first plane ride was nerve wracking and geez I really don't like it.
We went to the venue and we had fun looking around talking to other fans there are so many of them, all ages I think. There were official merchandise I remember I bought a shirt that is quiet expensive but I love it so... there...We took photos and waited in long messy line. The line was not organize so it was hard and exhausting. After long hours of waiting finally we were inside, we settled in to our seats which far from the stage so I was a bit disappointed but I shook it off and waited for the boys to come out. And so the Bigbang members came out and we all went wild and I felt like crying really for me to be there I just made the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE! We danced and sang with the members. I took some crappy videos and photos since my camera that time was a point and shoot and it has only 10mp and low optical zoom. It was a blast and we had fun and above all I made it!
      After that I said my goodbyes to my cousin I was a bit sad but I was planning on following her so I'm gonna see her again. We went straight to the airport and waited for our flight for like  hours I guess and went home. I said my thanks to my fan mate and we went on to our separate ways. I went home and slept for maybe 5 hours and went to work and talked about my experience to my friends who are into Kpop too. After that I never met with DJ (the fanmate) again though we exchange some messages after that and thats it. I'll never forget him since he helped me big time. Bigbang was full of SWAG and they are really cool. They are not into giving a lot of fan service but we settled for it. Just watching them performed is all we need. Among the K-pop group they're the cool kids. The vibe of their concert was like a big party event. We danced and danced with them. So that was my first ever concert.

May-4-2013 (CN Blue Moon Concert)

     My second concert was CN Blue's Moon Concert and it was here in Thailand my dear cousin's treat, it was fun and I was excited to see them, though Jong Yonghwa the leader was not smiling and acting whatever. I used to like them but after that I just lost interest in them. No hard feelings just fell out of love I guess. I was in the last row but good thing with the venue it was not that big unlike the MOA arena in Philippines. I still get to see them and they are all good looking especially Jonghyun. Yong-hwa looked stressed, Jong-hyun (lead guitar) was shining, Jung-shin (bass) was fun and goofy, to be honest I was surprised to see that he is really good looking in person than on screen and Minhyuk was cute. The show was good but the thing with band group is that they don't move a lot especially the drummer so they don't have a lot of chance to interact with the fans. They talked a lot especially Jung-shin and Minhyuk.
Cn Blue is my cousin's fave group. The vibe of the concert is okay, maybe because its a band like concert and they don't get to interact more with the fans.

August - 3-4-2013 (Super Junior Super Show 5)
     Finally my greatest dream! Not really a greatest dream but somehow Super Junior was my inspiration to come here in Thailand. I knew from the articles and news that they always have Super Show in Bangkok and they have endorsements and meet and greet, and for a fan like me it sounds great. So THE DAY came I was so ready for it. Super Show in Bangkok is always a two day event. Again I found a fan like me and somehow she helped me for the tickets. My first day was far because that's the only seat available and to be honest I can't afford a two VIP tickets. When the moment came I felt tears in my cheeks. I mean I don't want to sound corny or whatever but I guess it's just natural. It's a natural reaction for a fan after realizing his/her dream of seeing their idol live. I didn't cried a lot but still I was overwhelmed by my emotions upon seeing them on stage. Super Junior members are the kings of fan service and out of all the concerts I've been to Super Show is the best (not being bias here because I'd been to other concerts after Super Show) they give everything they have, for the fans to have an awesome experience in their concerts. The second day I was with my cousin and the fan mate so there were three of us on the standing area. The feeling of seeing them closer was really exciting I can't explain or put in words what I really felt, for me that night was more than amazing,it's the realization of my dream. The Super Junior members are all good looking and playful though Leeteuk, Yesung and Heechul wasn't there because of their mandatory military training. It was an amazing and awesome experience.  What I like with the concert events here it's very organize, no messy lines, no waiting in long line and all the hassle I'd experience in Manila. My bias in the group is Sungmin, seeing him up close was really a great experience I can't take my eyes off him the whole time. I might check on the other members but my eyes would always search for him. I was pretty in love with him (fan way of love not the obsess way of love) The show itself was explosive and the boys are full of charisma. The vibe of Super Show is like it's the biggest show on Eart.

My pumpkin

December-25-2013 (M150)
     This was a various artist concert here in Thailand. It's like a concert for the drink M150 and some of the best band and the top band here in Thailand performed for the concert. There was Big ass, Getsunova, Bodyslam and others that I don't know. So me and my two cousins went to check and watch Getsunova. They became our favorite band here in Thailand and we love their songs especially the How far is near song. We watched Bodyslam for a while since they are the famous band here in Thailand. Getsunova is hailed as the Hi-So band because they all came from elite families and somehow they this aura of class when they performed. It was a good experience.


Body slam

March-29-2014 (FT Island 6th Anniversary Concert [FTHX])

     FT Island rocks!!!! I don't want to compare but I have to say it...FT Island is way better and fun than CN Blue concert. They are great and simple and funny and they really rock. They are very flexible in their music and they all have good voices and Hongki's voice is wow! Jonghoon well he's hot (hahahah) he's a bias wrecker, but I still love Jaejin and Songhyeun I had so much fun in this concert. I loved that part where Minhwan sang Hongki's part in I confess. Hongki was very funny talking in English and Thai and making jokes and goofing around. The vibe of this concert is like having fun with your friend.

January-10-11-2015 (Super Junior Super Show 6 )
     And they are back. My boys are back with Leeteuk and Heechul. I was going to give up SS6 because I was pretty sick. Due to financial stuff I only bought one ticket for the show. A fellow ELF came from Philippines to watch the show. Good thing I was okay before the show. Me and my cousin went to Impact and enjoyed some show outside and got some freebies and all that,we also found out about this cover group and one of them looks like Leeteuk, we watched on the second day. We met up with the fellow ELF and exchange some pleasantries. She's a very loyal fan of Super Junior and she's been a fan for a long time I guess and she does pre-orders like albums and stuff from Korea. I've purchased some item from her. Going back to the concert, as always the boys never fail to bring a hell of a show. I'm happy to see Leeteuk and Heechul. Heechul I should say is pretty! gee! Seeing him for real I came to realize that the cameras are not doing him any favor. He's handsome or should I say prettier in person. It was a blast though I was a bit sad that Sungmin got married but still I love him. The show was more energetic and bigger that SS5 and their fan service was all over the place. Ahhh I just love Super Junior. The biggest show on Earth.

August-29-2015 (Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirror Tour )
     This was my first western band concert and I was super excited. I watched alone I cant remember why my cousins didn't go with me. So I went to Impact a bit late and I was so worried I'm might be late and the line would be very long but surprise! surprise! It was so laid back no pressure of being in front of the line and everyone was just sitting and waiting for the gates to be opened a lot of foreigners too not the typical swarm of Thai teenagers. Some even drank beer and they can drink inside the concert hall.

The experience was exhilarating! It had different vibe from all the concerts I've been to and lets admit it it's Imagine Dragons! It was just baaaamm! Even though I was alone I had the greatest time in that concert. I sang with them I danced and just enjoyed it though the people around me were not that energetic. Well I didn't really care they don't know me so there's that and the fact that I just lost it (hahahhaha) The best first time experience for a western band. My phone was really a downer, of all times that it chose to crash was that time, well I'm still good though because I was able to get some photos and videos before it died on me. Oh! I remember now why my cousin's didn't go with me,,.well they didn't have enough money left after our backpacking tour from Cambodia and Vietnam. As for me I was on the mercy of my beloved sister, I used her credit card for the ticket (hehehe). I had fun in Imagine Dragon's concert the thing was a week after that they suddenly announced a BON JOVI concert... I really want to cry because I was broke. Geez it could have been epic! my ultimate goal for a concert just pass my very eyes. I was really down it was so sudden and ughhhhh!!!! maybe next time. The vibe of this concert is just chill.

     That's all for my great experience in the concert scene, there a lot of groups and artist that I want to see live so I'm looking forward for more concerts.


August-12-2016 (Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind Tour)
 It's been a long time since my last concert, I kind of slacking (hahaha). So Charlie Puth he is amazing and funny and pure talent. His voice is perfect and so are his songs. We had fun, WE becuse it's the first time that all of us cousins watched a concert so it was pretty memorable and sure is fun. We even meet Janina a celebrity here in Thailand, she's so pretty! Going back to Charlie Puth he is handsome like handsome, good looking lad. It was a short show but it's worth our money. For 2000 bhat we were on the front 3 rows, cuase it's standing so we were able to squeeze in front (hahaha).


Sorry for the crappy photos since cameras are not allowed here in Thailand concert venues we only used our phones. The videos are okay though. 
I recommend to at least try watching concert here in Thailand, its cheaper and its fun a lot of freebies and the fans are disciplined when it comes to long lines and all that there is. 

        " No one looks STUPID when they're having FUN"
                              -Amy Poehler

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