Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Review: Stepahnie Perkin's Anna, Lola and Isla

This would be the third book review on my blog I fell in love with the first book that I got so excited for the second and the third book. My over all experience reading this book is nice. I would rate it 4/5 stars. It was a pleasant read, brings some happy and romantic memories.

Anna and the French Kiss has a lot of finger and toe curling moments which makes the reader delighted and giggly I guess. This book will really make you fall in love with Paris.  Anna and St. Clair moments are just perfect. Its perfectly written.  Anna is this kind of girl that can stand up for herself. She's cool and confident. She's knows when to fight and when to just shut up. Ettiene St. Clair is this charming and confident guy that everybody loves. He knows it and knows when to use it. I love the other characters in this book. St. Clair group of friends is like a friendship goal or squad goal they say. They blend so well with each other and I love the humor and every interaction they have with each other.
Its a light novel with light romance but it will leave the readers in love with it.

Lola and the Boy Next Door I describe this book as a "Life story" and not a "Love story". Lola and her struggle reflects the reality of life. It felt real. Lola is this fun, sparkly, bubbly girl. I found her outrageous well I'm referring to her outfit but that's her. Its her signature, that made her Lola. I like how she's normal and not like Anna's rich status. Because you can relate with her. She goes to work, she goes on dates, have problems with her family and Cricket Bell may not be as dashing as St. Clair but he is the sweetest of them all. I can say he is thoughtful, kind and has his own fashion. His way of speaking words and meaning it is what I love the most.
and all those things that happens in real life.
Cricket Bell is the boy next door he may not be as hot and as charming as Ettiene but he has his own wit and charm.

Isla and the Happily Ever After I fell in love with Isla and Josh in Anna's story. I had so much expectation with this book to be honest but got a little disappointed with some parts. This is the last book for this series and I really feel sad that it has ended I'm gonna miss the characters, I love them so much. Its a Life story and a Love story. I like how I can relate with some of their struggles because somehow I've been in their situation. The background and the plot is great. I love to travel so I love the fact that they went to different places. 
 My only problem with this book is that there's nothing much with the characters especially Isla. Isla is this shy girl and then what?..... And I feel like she only cares to make out with Josh rather than build a relationship with him. Her insecurities can be annoying sometimes but I get that, she's shy and she can't believe that Josh loves her. Honestly I'm quiet disappointed with her character she's weak and couldn't stand up for herself. In the end I loved her for embracing herself to change not for Josh but for herself. As for Josh I loved him already when he was with his friends he's care free and I like that devil-may-care attitude. He's sure of himself, he knows what he wants. So I was quiet disappointed with him in this book he's self centered and there were times he was being difficult. But nonetheless I learn to love them. I can relate with them because somehow I have a bit of Isla and Josh in me. 

I love some of their toe-curling moments, I love their adventure to other places, I love how the story ends, on how Josh came to realize that life isn't all about him and the way he predicted his moments with Isla. It may not be as good as Anna and Lola but still I love this book

This series is one of my fave. Its entertaining, pleasant, feel-good and light. I recommend this series for an easy read. The joy of young love :) 

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