Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review: The Maze runner Trilogy

No doubt that The Maze Runner Series is making a buzz all over the internet, both the book and the movie. If its not for Dylan O'Brien (who plays Thomas the protagonist) I would not care about the book. So since I'm so eager to watch the movie I decided to read the book first before it hits the theater. It's a good read. Its frustratingly entertaining and engaging.

It keeps you wanting to know more and to get some answers, so its a page turner. It makes you wonder about things, about their situation and all the stuff they throw in the story. Its kind of frustrating to read the whole series because it keeps you thinking how can these teens go through so much, it seems like they are in a hopeless situation that you want to go inside the book and help them get out of there.

The Maze Runner is the best of the 3 books. The plot and characters are unique. Its a roller coaster of action and questions. Though the answers are given in specific time and situations it makes you want to have all the answers there is. The end of the first book is a cliffhanger, so you get to the next book as fast as you can.

The Scorch Trials there is nothing much which is a downer. Its the same process in the first book in a different place. But the and survive. It answer some questions in the first book and you somehow have a grasp of why it is happening. They introduced new characters in this book.

The Death Cure is the last one of the series, It has more action, suspense, emotion and answers. Its suspenseful to the point that you just want to skip half of it and go to the end of the chapter ^^ just to know what happens after everything they'd been through. It has more emotion that the two books since there are deaths and some other things. But I don't like how some of the events turned out. Its lame... its....just....lame! gee!

I think the charm of this series are the characters. Though there is not much of a character development you just learn to love them. You find yourself caring for the Glader boys. You'll love them and worry for them.

Thomas (the protagonist) hate him, love him. Loyal to a fault and does everything to save his friends. I just don't like the thought of other characters death to save him. I don't like how he ends up with Brenda the new girl and just shrug off Teresa his best friend since the beginning. Though there is not much of a romance in this series, still I don't like how things ended up with the 3 of them.I like that these girls are as tough as the boys. They are not the typical damsel in distress, it is also a good point that they show less weakness and they just keep on fighting for their lives and not bothering others with it.

Minho is the Asian character that is tough, hot tempered and sarcastically funny. He can be a good leader (though they say Thomas is the true leader). He only trusts Newt and Thomas. I like the idea of an Asian character playing a big role in a story, its out of standard which is pretty awesome.

Newt is a good-natured character. He is the one that keeps the other boys together. He sees reason and he weigh things. He is the second in command in the Glade (a place inside the maze). He is a character favorite (alongside with Chuck the boy who is like a brother to Thomas though he died in the end of the first book). I don't like how things turned out for him in the 3rd book. I keep asking why him? :( and with a heavy heart you just have to accept it.

Gally the bad boy in the first book, whom they thought dead when they left him, turned out to be kicking and alive in the third book. He is a changed person in the third book and he knows a lot about the situation. Thomas figured out that Gally's behavior inside the Glade is manipulated. So even though Gally is the one who killed Chuck, Thomas forgave him.

Overall: Its a good series, it is written to entertain the readers. Though not much for the character development you'll just love them anyway, especially the three boys (Thomas, Minho and Newt). Its action, survival, questions, emotions, loyalty and death. The slang that they created in the book is pretty cool, if you get the hang of it you somehow use it like a normal words. So that it "shanks"!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slavery and Inequality: You can make a difference

I've been wanting to do a blog about Modern Slavery, after all I'm supporting the Walk Free Organization through my social media accounts and now the opportunity presents itself its BLOG ACTION DAY.

When I saw a video about modern slavery I was surprised to know that millions and millions of people are enslave in this modern world where almost everything is run by technology. I thought slavery only existed in the past era. It struck me that there are different forms of slavery that are very familiar to us. Human trafficking, Forced Labor, Child Labor, Sex Slavery, Forced Child Marriage, Domestic workers abuse, debt bondage and the list goes on. It is also alarming to know that slavery exist globally, I even read some cases in my own country The Philippines and here in Thailand where I am working. USA and UK have slavery cases too, in which I realize being a developed country many people are drawn to work and find a better job and bigger salary with these counties. In which they might fall victim to slavery. I think every country has cases like this, you can refer to this site for better understanding.

In slavery comes inequality.

Let me share some cases about modern slavery that we have.

*The exploitation of migrant workers in the construction of the 2022 Qatar Wold Cup. 

The migrant workers are being promised for a good job and better salary to help their families but instead they are being abuse to work with no proper shelter, no proper food and water. Their salaries are retained and their passports are confiscated to stop them from escaping. According to The Guardian the "Wold Cup construction will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead" and who knows it may be more than that if the Qatar government will not do something about it. Nepalese are the most in numbers to this slavery. I know a lot of migrant workers came from a poor country. Many died already and there will be more if this continues. The inhumane treatment for these migrant workers only shows inequality in race, status and life. If they are being treated fairly there will be no slavery. If their employers see them equally they will not experience all this brutality.

(being a fan of the World Cup this is a devastating news)

Refer to this site for more information:

*Forced Child labor and Forced Child Marriage

"Children are the hope of our future"

Children who are forced to work long hours in mines, fields, constructions and even in bars and restaurants. They are forced to work in hazardous and abusive environment. According to International Labor Organization an estimated of 8.4 million children in slavery (ILO 2002).

I saw a report about Child slavery in "Chocolate industry". While we are enjoying the sweetness of the chocolate and the candy bars (from famous brands)  these children don't even know what a chocolate looks like and what does it taste like. All they know is to work hard on those cocoas and earn money for their family.

Children as young as 8 are working long hours in mines. Mining is one of the most hazardous and extremely dangerous work for children. It is dangerous enough for adults so how much more it is for children. Imagine the hard work these youngsters are doing. Digging above the ground under the blazing sun, going down to underground mines risking their lives to explosion, rock fall and toxic gases. 

The problem is, the families of these youngsters are also involved in the work. I think its one factor that leave them no choice but to work.

Forced and Child marriages is prevalent to some countries since it is part of their culture. Girls at the age of 10 -18 are forced to marry men twice or thrice their age. This practice entrap young girls to a life of misery. It takes away their right to live and deprive them to basic human rights.

These children have the right to live way they want, to be at school, to play, learn and explore. To be free of any responsibilities that is weighing on their shoulders. I know they are "just" children and we may think they can do nothing, but I believe that these children are the hope of our future and they can do wonders if we guide them and see them equally, trust them to strive hard and make a difference in this world. 


you can sign up to Walk Free Organization 
and help fight Modern Slavery