Saturday, July 5, 2014

At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth:The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

ALCHEMY the word alone always piqued my interest. It is ancient and powerful. So when I saw the first book of the series The Alchemyst (yep with the Y) I know I have to read it. Nicholas Flamel was after all a legend and he was even mentioned or should I say appeared on the first Harry Potter book, well it seems that the idea of the Philosopher stone came from him. I didn't buy the book then, it took me almost 2 years to finally buy the book,for some reason I felt like I'm not ready yet to read it. So when a friend posted about the book on FB I felt like its a sign ^^

Since the Harry Potter series (which I'm a fan) many series of books came out which I was so eager to read but failed to go through all the series(Post Potter Depression). I read Twilight and somehow fell in love with Edward but I just lost interest with the series, I read Beautiful Creatures and I'm still thinking if I move on with the the second book same goes with the Mortal Instruments City of bones. Then came The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. At first I was skeptical about it when I read the plot and when I started reading I felt like its a mistake to buy and read the book. There's not much about alchemy and I can't seem to connect the two main characters Sophie and Josh (twins) in the story. But as I progress I got so hooked up with the story that I want to finish all the series in one day but I couldn't. I shared it to my sister (in the Philippines) and I knew she would love it and she even finished the whole series first. 

There might be some disappointments with these books like if you are a real Nicholas Flamel fan you'll be disappointed since he was just a guide in the story. The twins were kinda boring at first and there's not much description about them as that they are twins and they protect each other and the other is good while the other is somehow just somehow on the dark side. I mean Scott could have somehow made them cooler and somehow build them up as an individual character and not just twins (okay, am  not sure what am saying here anymore ^____^  so lets just leave it as it is). 

On the good side I love that I can easily follow the story amidst the gigantic plot and vast information that covers millennial ago! I easily understand and take in all the information that Scott provided. 
 Some of the characters are real people. I like the thought of these historical people, legendary people, magical and mythical characters  doing something else, being someone else, trying to fit in with us "Humani" and here on Earth, all these mixes of characters, how cool is that???? I wish he included Jack the Ripper and Einstein! 

For me this is the second best series after Harry Potter (it may not be the best for others so let me be clear FOR ME, okay? FOR ME ^_^) It is amazingly crafted and weaved. Its a roller coaster of excitement, surprises, fights, myths and legends. One more wish though, I wish they will make it to the big screen!

If you read the series you might want to refer to uncle Google, its a big help ^^

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