Sunday, June 15, 2014

Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines

While I'm still working on my how to put all my videos in Singapore together, let me post my video when we visited Puerto Princesa Palawan.

What can I say? its one of my favorite place! Definitely I'll go back there and visit again! I love how clean and simple the city is. And the people are so nice and very helpful. We were able to visit the UNDERGROUND River which is one of the Seven wonders of the World . And I sooo love the snorkeling part!!! It was when I realized that I can really swim! I was able to do snorkeling whithout the life vest and I was so proud of my self ahahaha. We met an old couple from Canada who were visiting Palawan for a vacation and it was refreshing to talk to them and listen to their experiences in a foreign land. Our trip was a package tour so we weren't able to explore more. Mode of transportation is the "tricycle" in which the drivers can get points or something if you will buy on a souvinier shop they will take you in.It was not my first time in Puerto Princesa but it feels like first since my brief visit in the place way back in my college days was so brief that it doesn't feel like I went there. Well it was a night stop from our SEA TRIP so what we did was to eat dinner and visit the chapel and thats it we went back to the Ship and early morning we sail home.

We did a city tour with the tricycle for PHP500, we went to the Bakers Hill (their hopia is to die for!), Crocodile Park in where they have MAC-MAC the second biggest croc in the Philippines. There are a lot of activities you can do in Puerto Princesa, the UGONG Rock where you can do climbing and ziplining. Puerto Princesa is a tourist destination that is worth our money.

I hope I can do more exploration the next time ^^

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