Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thoughts about Singapore

Singapore is one of the most successful country, I've read many things about Singapore. The country is always on the top 10 list of everything (safety, airport, city etc) Though we had some not so good experiences I still think its a very nice place but if I were to rank my experience between Singapore and Malaysia I would put Malaysia as number 1. Singapore is like a western country for me because most of the people I saw on the streets are white tourist and locals. Many western people worked there and its like in the movies or series I watched like busy white people walking on the streets, dining in the restaurants, playing football on the field ^^. People in Singapore are health conscious I guess coz their food some how tastes bland maybe they don't use msg or whatever seasoning and a lot of them are running, jogging, biking and they have yoga session also around the city. I think they are aiming for a healthy living which is good.

Old people like old as in like grandpas and grandmas still work in Singapore I don't know if its a program for the senior citizen. Somehow I feel bad for them, they should retire and relax and do things they like but instead they work and it made me think that their families are not taking care of them. But on the other hand my cousin thinks that maybe instead of panhandling or just being at home they are given janitorial job so that they have something else to do.

Love is in the air in Singapore we saw couples having their prenuptial photos taken. I even took a photo with one of them ^^

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