Sunday, May 11, 2014

Don't Judge Don't trust

Don't Judge Don't trust

There are things that strikes me with my stay and wandering in Malaysia. First Don't judge Don't trust. Majority of the people that we saw on public in Malaysia are men and some looks scary, some reminds me of those villains in the movie but I can say that they are very helpful and seem harmless. Most of them are accommodating enough to explain to us what we need to know. I admit that there's that little fear every time we were on bus or on a train with most men on it. But we are blessed and guided that no harm came our way. (And my thoughts went back to that traffic enforcer who helped us). Though we appreciate their friendliness we were cautious also with them, just to be sure that they are giving us the right directions we ask not one but sometimes two or three person to check if they are giving the same directions (and they all did ^^). If I think of Malaysia I would say its a Muslim country but when we got there I'm surprised to see many christian churches (I think they have more churches there compare here in Thailand). They can communicate in English well, I thought it would be hard for us to communicate but nope! Majority of them can communicate in English well. Their food tastes great though we haven't tried their street food. Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are somehow the same I mean the buildings and malls and all that. What's striking also is the simplicity of their fashion I mean people here in Thailand are so into fashion so I really appreciate the simplicity of the Malaysian people. They put freedom wall in some public places and left messages for MH370.

There's magic in asking

I'm not sure if its a motto or what but I really believe that there's magic in asking. I've proven it long time ago and most of the time (teehee)
We were able to survived being in foreign country without so much research and know how and most of the time we asked, that's what we do best.

Walk your way around

One of the many things that we do best is to use our number 11 bus (our legs). Walking gives us a chance to appreciate the place we are into. I can see and observe people, somehow it develops my sense of direction. What I like best in walking is that I can see what's happening in the street, I see people doing their own things, and I can have a glimpse of their culture and their way of life.

too much walking can make you lose your temper (hahaha) I even slept on a park in
Georgetown since I'm so tired.

Number 11 bus

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