Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 5 Singapore

Honestly I'm not really that fond of Singapore, lets just say we had our fair share of not-quiet-good experience. Wherever we travel its the people that I take noticed first and people in Singapore are too busy to be bothered. So that's a downer there, I understand that they are busy and being in a developed country requires them to move fast (ahahah). Now our hostel was not that good either it's a backpacker hostel but its old and the toilet is shared and its not what we expected it to be. It's located in Hongkong street City Center Backpacker. My sister is the one who arranged our hotel and activity in Singapore, I think she got confused because there's another hostel that is new and I bet better that somehow have almost the same name  (City Backpacker). Well I wouldn't say much but its not really good though the guy who's in charge and the receptionist are very helpful. We would have checked out and look for another hostel but we don't have enough money and we are so damn tired from our trip from Malaysia. And what really pisses me off is that we got there 8 in the morning and they said that they're check in is 2 in the afternoon, so we were like WHAT?! gee! that's the most absurd hotel policy I've ever heard. We were almost pleading to let us in cause we are really tired but that little brat wont let us. So we went to Clarke Quay Mall and ate our breakfast and kill our time. When we headed back around 1 o'clock the owner was there and they let us in to our room and boom! very disappointing but its still good since we really need a place to sleep (ahahah)

After we were able to take a nap later that afternoon we went sight seeing  (Merlion, Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay)

Hongkong street is a good location. You can walk to Marina Bay and all the way to Gardens by the bay and also its near Clarke Quay where there is an MRT station. You can take the MRT station going to the cable car ride for Sentosa. And can walk going to Bugis street (all the cheapest souvenirs are in Bugis street)

thanks to that tourist for this pix ^^

Singapore Flyer

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