Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 4 Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Georgetown Penang Malaysia

We miscalculated our days my cousin's calender was set a day ahead, since we still have a day left before our trip back to Singapore we checked on the internet where to go and decided to go to Georgetown Penang. When I saw the street arts I remember Godfrey Gao's post on his instagram (BTW Godfrey is the asian actor who played as Magnus Bane in the movie City of Bones and I'm a fan teehee).Because we are traveling on a shoe string we decided not to exceed on our budget for the trip, what we did was we spent the whole day roaming around Kuala Lumpur. We went to Batu Caves which is quiet far from the city and Kyochon Malaysia which is also quiet far from KL Sentral and later that night we travel to Penang for 5 hours. So we don't need to stay in a hotel, we slept on the bus the wole traveling time. We arrived at 5 in the morning then wait for the bus that will take us to Georgetown (this trip is all about waiting and walking and its not good and its the most tiring trip we had).Funny thing was its still dark since the sun rises late but there are a lot of students going to school already.

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