Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thoughts about Singapore

Singapore is one of the most successful country, I've read many things about Singapore. The country is always on the top 10 list of everything (safety, airport, city etc) Though we had some not so good experiences I still think its a very nice place but if I were to rank my experience between Singapore and Malaysia I would put Malaysia as number 1. Singapore is like a western country for me because most of the people I saw on the streets are white tourist and locals. Many western people worked there and its like in the movies or series I watched like busy white people walking on the streets, dining in the restaurants, playing football on the field ^^. People in Singapore are health conscious I guess coz their food some how tastes bland maybe they don't use msg or whatever seasoning and a lot of them are running, jogging, biking and they have yoga session also around the city. I think they are aiming for a healthy living which is good.

Old people like old as in like grandpas and grandmas still work in Singapore I don't know if its a program for the senior citizen. Somehow I feel bad for them, they should retire and relax and do things they like but instead they work and it made me think that their families are not taking care of them. But on the other hand my cousin thinks that maybe instead of panhandling or just being at home they are given janitorial job so that they have something else to do.

Love is in the air in Singapore we saw couples having their prenuptial photos taken. I even took a photo with one of them ^^

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 8 -9 Bugis street and Bye bye time

We just stayed in our room and slept the whole day in. We were so beaten that we just rested for the whole day. Around 6 pm we went to Bugis street where we bought some souvenirs. Bugis Street is a busy street s many tourist flocks in because they have many stuff and in a cheaper price. Bugis Street is good place with great deals. Again, Hongkong street is a nice location, we just walked our way to Bugis street.

The next morning we headed to the airport. Changi Airport is far so its not practical to take a taxi good thing the MRT start early I think that was 5 in the morning, so we walked to Bugis station and headed to the airport.

Zippofippo peace out!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio is a world of fun! They have Seven locations Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar (for more information you can check out this site

We only got the one day pass but I tell you its better to get a two day pass because Universal Studio would take the whole day to explore, that is if you want to ride every rides and check out every attractions. That's why we didn't try some of the rides BUT we surely tried one of the best rides they have. We started in Hollywood where there are street performances and the musical Monster Rock (first musical and its a great show), then New York where the The Rockafellas (former Streetboys) performed, Lights, Camera, Action hosted by Steven Spielberg, Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase (adults may not really enjoy it but surely kids and kids at heart would love the ride), then Sci-Fi City where they have the Transformers the  ride: The Ultimate 3D battle (the best ride ever!) then Ancient Egypt where we tried the indoor roller coaster Revenge of the Mummy (another first for us and am probably not gonna do it again), then the Lost World (we didn't tried any of the rides either you need another set of clothes or a rain coat for the water rides which I really want or the line is too long), Far Far Away where we watched Donkey's live show (we had a good laugh with Donkey and Raul)  and lastly Madagascar where we tried the Madagascar: A crate adventure. There are a lot of attractions that we missed but we are just happy that we were able to visit and had fun and definitely we are going back.

Get a two day pass. One day for the S.E.A Aqurium and another day for Universal Studio. It will take half a day for your sight seeing and S.E.A Aquarium and if you wanna enjoy Universal Studio then you need a whole day for that.

Transformers the ride is the longest and the most tiring line ever! people were complaining and getting tired (well I saw some rides that have long lines but I think no one can beat this line) but its all worth it. Better make it first on your list or line up early, unless you will purchase an express card which is quiet expensive but they prioritize people with an express card.

Lost world rides are awesome. Canopy ride is popular so better line up first, they have Rapid adventures which I bet is cool but you either need a set of clothes or a raincoat which we didn't have so we never tried any rides in Lost world.

The Rockafellas

Bumblebee baby!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

S.E.A Aquarium

Its a great experience to see the sea creatures up close. I love the manta rays and the jelly fish they're cool and mysterious. They have different kinds of species and we got to see and observe them.
They have different activities like swim and play with the dolphins but I guess that'd be extra money.

they have a photo stop and it cost 50SGD and if you want two copies just add 5 bucks.
Its a good souvenir.


Thanks to "that tourist" again ^^


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