Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Petronas Twin Tower

Petronas Twin Tower is a fascinating sight I like the structure and the spiral something style, and its made of pure steel (not sure if its really steel but its silver and it looks steel to me ,pardon my ignorance about buildings and stuff like this)

At the feet of of the tower is the Suria KLCC its a shopping mall and as far as I know one of the largest malls in Malaysia.

The back side of the tower is the KLCC park where you can do picnics, jogging and they have a swimming pool so you can do swimming if you want to and water fountain.

if you wanna have a nice shot of the Petronas twin tower go to the KLCC Park. It's easier to take photos that side than the front side.


Inside Suria KLCC

Wander around Kuala Lumpur City

After getting enough sleep we were ready to discover what's in the city. First stop was Berjaya Times Square for money exchange and late breakfast. Then after asking directions we went to this bus stop (walking distance from BTS) where there would be a GO KL bus for free.  Malaysia has a free bus ride for certain locations (KLCC this is where Petronas is located, Chinatown that's far as I can remember) especially tourist destination maybe its one way to promote their tourism or for easy commute for the locals, not really sure 0_0.They have two lines for the GO KL bus the Purple Line and the Green Line. We're in Malaysia so the first thing that came to our mind is the Petronas Twin Tower! Well I think most people would think of the Petronas twin tower if they think of Malaysia ^__^.So for Petronas twin towers we need to take the Purple line, and also if you wanna visit Chinatown then you can ride the Purple line. Just  walking distance from Chinatown is the bus terminal and on the other side of Chinatown you can walk towards their City art Gallery. The Go KL bus would dropped off in the front side of the tower so you wouldn't miss it or worry that you might be lost.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 2 Exploring Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

When we arrived in Singapore we went straight to Golden Mile Complex to ride the bus going to Kuala Lumpur. We paid 30 SGD (PHP 1065, Thai baht 770). We left Singapore round 12 midnight and we arrived in Kuala Lumpur round 4 in the morning. Now, we didn't make any hotel reservation for our trip in Malaysia so basically we don't know where to go and we didn't change our money to Ringgit, so we are so dead ^^ (not really). We were dropped off at Berjaya Times Square, its a shopping mall and a hotel so we felt safe since there are guards and people walking even in the wee hours. We asked this traffic enforcer who's on duty about the place and where we can find cheap hotels to stay in. He was so helpful that he even reminded us that its not safe to walk in the dark in Malaysia.He motioned us to wait outside Starbucks and maybe wait for it to open. He asked if we have money in Ringgit and we said nope so he said there's a money changer inside the mall but we have to wait till 10 am for the mall to open and kind enough to scold us for not having a Ringgit, he then said if we want to drink or eat just tell him because he has money he can buy for us since there's a 7 eleven open (this thought always make me smile, he was so serious while saying it and I can see the concern on his face). But we were so tired from the plane and bus trip that all we wanted to do was to lie down on a bed. So we waited and walked around the place. Later on we were joined by this couple from Belgium just like me and my cousin they didn't make any reservations either and just like us they just go and see what happens ^___^. In Malaysia the sun rises late like round 7 am and sets late maybe 7:30 pm so it was quiet a long wait for us for the sun to rise. When there was a glimpse of light we started to walk heading to the backside of Berjaya Times Square where the enforcer pointed for cheap hotels and true enough we were able to find a good and cheap hotel there. Good thing they accept debit card there since my credit card is empty (if you know what I mean tehee)

Time to sleep

Backpacking through Malaysia and Singapore

Traveler... I always wanted to be one. I love going to places and discover whats in there. I want to see the place, the people and to experience and observe their culture. I'm always curious on how different people and their culture can be. I've been to places in my own country The Philippines and when I got the chance to work here in Thailand I was able to visit places which I will show later on, but in the meantime let me share my experience about our backpacking in Singapore and Malaysia. It was a long, tiring, fun and enriching journey. I'm new here so I'm not sure how 'tis works but I'll try. I will write about my experience and at the same time some tips maybe in traveling and about the how-to's in Malaysia and Singapore. It was my first vacation trip overseas so am not really an expert ^^ just want to share what I saw and experienced.

April 12-19 2014